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Additional services

Additional services

"AGRAF" from Ruda Śląska presents an offer for comprehensive subcontracting works in the following scope:

  • Work with asbestos, also highly specialized
  • Insulation of roofs and expansion joints with granules of wool, cellulose and polystyrene
  • Mechanical cleaning of mechanical ventilation installations along with vision of ducts and hard-to-reach spaces with an inspection robot and endoscopic camera
  • Specialized demolition with light equipment, wherever heavy equipment cannot be used

We are operating in the construction industry since 2005.

We also make:

  • Manual dismantling and demolition works along with waste disposal
  • Auxiliary work, manual earthworks
  • Any physical work in difficult conditions

We are  operating in the construction industry since 2005


We provide

  • Approx. 20 employees (all employed under a contract of employment, trained, having altitude tests), including: scaffolding assemblers, forklift operators, elevators
  • Wide equipment, including HDS cars, gates, waste containers
  • Supervision over employees
  • High level of OHS (we have diplomas of the National Labour Inspectorate)
  • Fast response time, mobility, work in delegation

Inspection of
ventilation ducts

Inspection and assessment of the condition of contamination

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Cleaning of ventilation

Mechanical and chemical cleaning of the channels

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